India is so intimately connected with her eroticism that she is an expert in any kind of sensual play. With a flirtatious nature, she enjoys courtship and seduction as if each time was the first time, inviting you to an experience of the highest sexual charge in which she will exhaust your energies completely, leaving you absolutely relaxed and satisfied.
Her incomparable physique will delight the most demanding, with perfect measurements and elegant and symmetrical features that elevate her to the highest level of beauty. India surprises and never disappoints, giving herself completely in each of her sessions and giving you the best of herself. An inexhaustible source of sensuality from which you won’t want to stop drinking.

Regular schedule:
Monday and Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Age: 31 years old
Height: 1’73 cm
Size: 38
Tattoos: Quite a few

Piercings: Very few
Eye color: Black
Breasts: Full/Operated
Body Type: Toned