Sensuality, warmth and elegance in its purest form. Her delicate character and exquisite education together with her slender physique, naturally full of feminine curves, make her the ideal companion for those who are looking for the sexiest moments.
Emma is a unique beauty, full of grace and charm. Her adorable and accommodating nature, as well as her natural talent for provocation, make her the perfect choice for any sensual affair that wants to be highlighted by a powerful and magnetic feminine energy that makes the room tremble.
Dare to dance with her on the futon to a mellow, highly erotic and very intimate touching melody. The sound of her mischievous laughter and the touch of her body will remain to live in your heart.

Regular schedule:
Available from June 3

Age: 20 years old
Height: 1’67 cm
Size: 38
Tattoos: Intermediate

Piercings: Some
Eye Color: Green
Chest: Natural/Medium
Body Type: Slim/Exuberant