The sweetness made erotic masseuse. Melt with her in an indulgent, loving, devoted and satisfying session. Elisabeth is pure sugar, not suitable for diabetics, with a delicate tone of voice, an exquisite education and a childish and innocent face that fits perfectly with her incomparable guitar-shaped curves and abundant breasts. You will be impressed with her natural beauty!
Experienced masseuse who transmits calmness in every caress, taking care of every centimeter of your skin to awaken and stimulate it, seeking to drive your senses crazy until ecstasy. Elisabeth makes everyone who meets her fall in love with her enchanting positive energy and her mimosa delivery.
Her abundant and genuine eroticism guarantees you a massage of a unique intimacy, difficult to imitate, that you will want to relive a thousand times.

Usual schedule:
From Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 20:30

Age: 25 years old
Height: 1’67 cm
Size: 38
Tattoos: Very few

Piercings: None
Eye Color: Chocolate
Chest: Natural/Abundant
Body Type: Slim/Exuberant