Meet Ares, whose muscular physique is testimony to hours devoted to the art of the body. He radiates strength and masculinity, as if he had been sculpted by the gods themselves to tempt mortals with his beauty.

With tanned skin, inviting to the touch with a promise of warmth and passion, and black hair that frames his beautiful face with eyes as sweet as caramel.

Looking at him, you can feel the energy emanating from him, a primal force that hypnotizes you and makes you want more. His voice, deep and melodious, caresses your ears while his hands, large and skillful, trace paths of ecstasy on your skin.

Ares is a professional in his art, each movement is precise, knowing exactly how to awaken your senses and take you to new heights of pleasure. With him, desire becomes a fire that burns uncontrollably, consuming everything in its path and leaving only the purest satisfaction.

Live with him, alone or in company, moments of incomparable passion.

Regular schedule: 
Appointments available one hour in advance.

Age: 30 years old
Height: 1’85cm
Size: 40
Tattoos: None

Piercings: None
Eye color: Caramel
Chest: –
Body type: Muscular